I Much Prefer to Drink My Dessert

November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving has made a serious resurgence in my life over the last few years. Since both Emily’s and my own family have allowed me to basically take over (or at least play a major role in) the preparation of the massive meal, I have fallen back in love with what at its core is an amazing holiday. I love not only the time in the kitchen cooking but the weeks of mental preparation, planning, organizing, and chatting with the one’s that share in the day’s experiences. But no matter how much I try, I just can’t seem to get into the dessert game. I’ve made bread puddings, ice cream sandwiches, and even a few pies here and there, but I’m never that thrilled with how they come out, and never that thrilled to eat them. Truthfully, this shouldn’t be all that shocking. But it is shocking that it’s taken me so long to realize the real way out of this dilemma. After all, I much prefer to drink my dessert instead…

There isn’t anything particular novel about this approach but boy, can I not wait to finish my Thanksgiving dinner with a glass of this stuff. Playing off of the traditional flavors of the classic pumpkin pie, this bourbon infused with pumpkin and cinnamon has got me pretty excited. And from the looks of some of the initial reactions online, it sounds like others are pretty pumped as well. To be fair, I have not yet tasted the product as it infuses because, well, I just put this together last night, but I plan to report back with some details on quantities and timing as it progresses. But I can promise you one thing. After a long day of cooking and eating with friends and family, there isn’t much more I could ask for than I nice glass of bourbon, sipped and savored until the very last drop. And by drop, I mean each and everyone one of us passing out because we ate so much…



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