An Open Letter to Average NYC Bars

November 17, 2012

As you know, I rarely post on the weekends. So you have to imagine there’s a damn good reason for me to be writing this today. And to be honest, while I always write for you guys, this post has a slightly larger target audience:

Dear Average NYC Bar:

When serving a whiskey, particularly a good one, an ounce and a half or two ounce portion for $10 is no longer acceptable. We, the whiskey drinkers of New York, are reasonable people (most of us at least). We now, more than ever know what we like, and more importantly know what things ACTUALLY cost. And the thing is, we don’t really care if you charge us $10-$12 dollars for a glass. We get it. You have to make money too! But please, please please please, pour us a real glass of whiskey.

– The Nobler Experiment

In all honesty, it’s really amazing how often I come across this these days. There are so many bars in this city and way too many of them suffer from the light handed pour. And it shouldn’t just be the drinker that has a problem with this. The small brand distilleries that have spent years and years mastering their craft, finally pushing through to gain the respect they deserve in the whiskey community should be just as pissed, maybe more. The human brain is fickle and while it might not be the distilleries fault the bartender and the bar owner are ripping off their consumers, it does impact people tendencies towards whiskey loyalty. And it’s a shame.

One could only hope these words are meaningful to the bar owners of NYC, although unless you all share this a million times over, I doubt it will matter much. But as a drinker, a bar goer, you can at least make a choice. And that choice should always be to frequent and support bars that care just as much of your experience than they do their bottom line. Happy Saturday!


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