E.H. Taylor’s Barrel Proof

November 26, 2012

Hope everyone is recovering from a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday! I know I ate and drank myself through the weekend like a champ and there were a number of serious highlights, including that pumpkin pie bourbon a number of us were excited for. After straining off the pumpkin and cinnamon sticks I decided to add just about a tablespoon of good maple syrup to the batch which really brought out the flavors I was looking for. I think it probably could have used another week or so with the pumpkin chunks, but it was still really delicious and probably a new Thanksgiving tradition. But the drinkers highlight of the holiday had to be this E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof that friend of the Nobler and Sea Cliff whiskey expert Jay Fosset brought to the party.

For a little background, E.H. Taylor is considered one of the founding fathers of Bourbon and is largely celebrated for his continuous efforts to further the industry as the owner of the now known Buffalo Trace distillery.  This small batch line in honor of Taylor has caused quite the stir in the bourbon community as the now hotly anticipated release of the next bottles stems from both an expectation of quality but also a little history. Take for example the release of the Warehouse C edition which touted two pretty fascinating story lines. One of Taylor’s major contributions to the industry was his focus on controlled climate aging. For both consistency and quality, it was with this ideal that Taylor built his warehouses over a century ago, of which warehouse C is one of the finest. But that was only half the story for this special release as in 2006, a tornado ravaged the Buffalo Trace warehouses. Despite the impact, the storm wasn’t strong enough to take out the barrels themselves. The Trace distillery rushed to re-build and repair where necessary, while all the while the barrels full of bourbon aging away in Warehouse C were exposed to the elements. The eventual release of these Warehouse C bottles celebrates the hard work and focus of both the past and present. Read more about the release here.

The Barrel  Proof is now the fourth release under the E.H. Taylor name and focuses on the full potential of well aged bourbon. Uncut and unfiltered, this bourbon clocks in at 134.5 proof and just like their website claims, this bourbon is uncompromising. A few drops of water help open up the bourbon dulling the intensity so one can focus on the serious depth in flavor. I can truly say, I’ve never had anything like this bourbon before. While the alcohol content hammers you on inhalation, the drastic burn you might expect never shows. Instead, rich well-balanced flavors take over your palette in a way you can’t help but be enamored by. This is a bourbon meant to be sipped slowly and with real attention. It’s a bourbon lover’s escape into an era of American distillation that helped shape the industry as we know it today. Thanks to Jay for sharing!


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