Welcome to the Night Cap!

December 3, 2012


There is nothing better than seeing the time and thought you put into an event pay off and there was no better example of that, than this weekends very first Night Cap! Adam, Keith, and I couldn’t be happier and that’s in large part due to all of you out there who were able to grab a ticket to the sold out event and make it as worthwhile and fun as it was! You guys kicked ass and we can’t wait until the next one…

As for Saturday night, we’ll be posting a few pictures and recipes throughout the week but I couldn’t help myself and thought I’d at least share a little bit of what went down at the Night Cap…

We owe our friends at Leblon a big thank you for helping us out with the evening, particularly by sharing their aged cachaça, their Reserva Especial that was launched in Brazil earlier in the year. For those of you somewhat unfamiliar with cachaça, this Brazilian spirit comes from fermented sugar cane juice and is most popular for the use in a traditional and delicious drink called the caipirinha. While it certainly is perfect for this refreshing cocktail, I love to use cachaça for so much more. And the aging for the Reserva Especial brings out even more delicious subtleties. Which is why it worked perfectly for our first drink of the evening, our Hot Brazilian Toddy to let everyone warm up from the cold.

Our guests were then treated to 5 more drinks throughout the evening including a glass of Gruet sparkling wine that’s story lives up to the quality of the wine itself. Gilbert Gruet, who grew up in France to become a passionate Champagne producer was traveling through the southwest of the US in the early 80s and recognized a surprising potential for his wine passion in the state of New Mexico. Years later, the Gruet Winery is still producing some of the most delicious sparkling wine I’ve ever tasted (our guests can thank Keith and Adam for this one).


Kicking it back to the cocktails we treated everyone to two more delicious concoctions. My pumpkin pie old-fashioned featuring W.L. Weller and Adam’s Applejack Rabbit (check back tomorrow for the recipe on this one) featuring apple brandy had everyone in the room buzzing as the night continued to flow from there. More amazing wine and .75 liter bottles of Rare Vos were featured as we all snacked on cheese and roasted cashews (and a little pumpkin pie) as the party kept going until 4:30 in the morning. What a night!

Thanks again to Adam and Keith and a special shout out to Naomi for all the help leading up to the event and of course one more big thank you to the Leblon team. Check back soon for more recipes, more information about future events, and a few great pictures from this past Saturday night. And our Hot Brazilian Toddy recipe card from the night is posted below!

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Hot Toddy





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