Nobler Holiday Gift Guide – Go Vintage

December 10, 2012

Time for some of the Noblers to get in on the Gift Guide mix. Here’s some great advice from one of the originals, Marc Geffen…


A classy decanter is a great centerpiece for a home bar

Any good home bar is always a work in progress. It grows, diversifies, and evolves with your development of taste or with the shift from season to season. And so it seems that a good home bar should have something to say about time – and timelessness.

This nod to the past is what romanticizes the drinking experience, adding a taste of history to a well-crafted cocktail. Maybe that appreciation for time is what’s noble about our obsession with the alchemy of a good buzz. What does this have to do with a holiday gift guide? Well, here’s my suggestion: go vintage.

This idea came from my awesome mom, who, beyond being a talented interior decorator, is an avid antiquer and thrifter. She’s got a great eye for vintage pieces, and often passes her coolest finds on to me as gifts for my bar.

I’ve learned that a few one-of-a-kind pieces can bring your bar to the next level, and even elevate your home décor by bringing elements of nostalgia to your space. However, this is about more than just aesthetics.

Vintage items are unique: no one else is going to have the snifter-set you just bought your brother-in law. They are functional: sure, looks great, but your uncle will also use his 1960s shaker all the time, and he’ll probably prefer it over much of the new gear out there. Finally, vintage provides great value: you can get aesthetics, rarity and function for under $20…$10…$5.

So if you’re giving the wonderful gift of booze this holiday, why not pair it with a unique companion piece from your local Flea market or thrift shop? Below are a few examples of great vintage bar accessories that I’ve received over the years.

– Marc

1960’s cocktail shaker with essential mix recipes

1960’s cocktail shaker with essential mix recipes


An inherited Bartender’s Guide, copyright 1934.


Retro glass Whiskey container


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