Nobler Holiday Gift Guide – Owney’s Rum

December 11, 2012


With all of the craft distillers opening up within NYC, you can’t really go wrong with gifting a bottle of local spirits. But if you are looking for a stand out option amongst the many contenders, I’d suggest you pick up a bottle of Owney’s Rum. In fact make it a few; you’ll want to keep one of these for your own collection as well…


Last night the founder of The Noble Experiment distillery, Bridget C Firtle, hosted the Noblers for a tour and tasting and what we saw was both exciting and impressive. Bridget clearly has a knack for the historical relevance of the craft distillation boom in NYC and despite the tendencies of many to focus on American Whiskey (us included), her first product, Owney’s Rum is a throwback to the true original US distillate. She reminded us all of a time before the revolution where molasses from the British tropical territories was used to produce Rum in the some of the very first American distilleries. A major molasses tax, a revolutionary war, and some western migration later, corn and grain based spirits became the quintessential leaving Rum a bit forgotten.


But after trying Owney’s Rum, it’s easy to get excited about what Bridget is doing to bring back rum in a big way. And I say Bridget, because one of the most impressive components of The Noble Experiment without a doubt is that from creation to batching to labeling (so yeah, just about everything), this operation is a one employee show. She called it crazy, we call it impressive, but no matter what you call it, it’s pretty inspiring.

And luckily for all of us, her efforts are rewarded with a unique and one of a kind spirit that makes a great addition to any liquor collection. Unlike the big named white rums out there, Owney’s is smooth and delicate to enjoy on its own but still contains the complexity needed to stand up to cocktail creation. Bridget herself is working on infusions and simple syrups that work well with Owney’s but just from a few tastes, I can tell you that this rum will be one of my go-tos in my own recipe making. Currently, there is only a handful of liquor stores selling Owney’s but you can grab yourself a bottle online at Astor Wines just in time for the perfect Holiday present.

Thanks to Bridget for a fantastic Nobler Gathering and best of luck with the Noble Experiment!


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  1. So, when I am in NYC in January, is this a must visit?

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