Nobler Holiday Gift Guide – Floating Coolers

December 13, 2012


It may be mid December, and you may be tempted to buy your special alcohol lover in your life something seasonal, but I’ve got a must have item that will have you looking forward to some warmer times…

I’ve written about our now annual summer clamming trip quite a bit in the past but it was this uncanny find by Emily just a few years ago of the Intex Mega Chill floating cooler that completely changed the game. These coolers hold two dozen cans plus ice in the center cooler and have 6 cup holders along the outside. We load this guy up (actually we have two) with beer, head out into the water and drink merrily as we build our haul of sometimes close to a hundred clams and oysters. It’s the greatest weekend of the year, every year, and the Intex makes it happen.

There’s no question, this floating cooler will be one of the most appreciated gifts of the season…



  1. This is an amazing product. It makes drinking and swimming so easy.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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