Nobler Holiday Gift Guide – Time For Some Wine

December 18, 2012

Time for some of the Noblers to get in on the Gift Guide mix. Here’s some great advice from our self proclaimed wine geek, Adam…decanter-horz

With so many gizmos out there for the wine lover in your life, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  So many of the gadgets and gizmos run the risk of being played around with a few times and then left to collect dust. 

That’s not to say that every wine gift out there is a waste, but one should be cautious of gimmicks when purchasing wine geek gifts.  One of the safest routes for a wine-related gift is nice glassware.  There is no point in drinking wine unless you share it with others, and when you share wine with others often, it’s pretty likely glasses are going to break, so even if the wine geek in your life already has stemware or a decanter, one can never have too much!  A go-to brand I really like for its quality is Riedel.  The great thing about Riedel glasses, and decanters as well, is that they have several lines at various price points, so you can always find nice glasses that are within the price range you want to pay.  At my house, I just have one glass shape from which I serve both white and red, but you can always go crazy and purchase glasses perfect for every varietal under the sun.

Another gift that is perfect for wine geeks is a mixed case of wine.  Head to your local wine shop, give them a price you want to spend and have them put together an interesting case or half case for your friend.  Then, when you deliver the gift, tell the friend your intention was that the two of you would try each of the bottles in that case together over the next few months, a win-win!

Happy Holidays!


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