Nobler Holiday Gift Guide – Simply Gather

December 19, 2012


At the Nobler Experiment, we take our drinking seriously. Not in some obnoxious, holier than thou, drink this not that, type of serious. But rather, in the way we share in experiences over a mutual interest and curiosity in liquor, wine, and beer that keeps us gathering. So I couldn’t think of any better way to end this year’s Holiday Gift Guide with one of the easiest gift suggestions out there…

Purchasing gifts for everyone that you consider a friend, may not be so possible. And quite frankly, with all of the gifts we give and receive at this time of the year, they might go under appreciated anyway. So instead of wrapping paper and ribbon, go with a bar stool and a bourbon. Take a second to re-connect and share with each other the year that was, and the years that will be. It’s the least you can do this Holiday Season!

As for us, tomorrow night is our second annual Holiday Gathering which I’m pretty damn pumped for. Looking back (check out some of the pictures above), we’ve had a great year at the Nobler Experiment and next year even more is brewing (like what I did there?). We’ve got new batches of Cow Thieves on the way, a bunch more tours and tastings, and hopefully a few more Night Cap events early next year. For all of you out there who check in daily to see what we are up to, thanks a ton! If you want to be involved even more, and start making your way to our Gatherings, don’t forget to sign up to follow the Experiment above!


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