Personal Ad for My Dream Cocktail Bar

January 15, 2013

Late 20’s loyal alcohol enthusiast seeking down to earth establishment serving up delicious cocktails without pretension. If interested in a long term relationship, please contact below…


Not to sound whiny, but I’m getting so sick of the cocktail bar resurgence in this wonderful city of ours. This may seem strange coming from the guy who is obsessed with alcohol and loves coming up with clever cocktail creations. But no matter how many times I get excited about the “new” one of a kind liquor bar opening up, the same circumstance arises. To simplify things, let’s breakdown my criteria for greatness into three easy to understand parameters.

(1) The cocktails must be delicious. I don’t care if they have 4 or 400 ingredients or if they were made by a normal dude or magic elves. If it doesn’t taste good and contain alcohol, points (2) and (3) are irrelevant.

(2) The bar must be comfortable. I leave this one a bit more open-ended because depending on the angle, comfortable can mean a lot of different things. I just mean, if I plan on spending a lot of time here (which if the cocktails are good there’s a decent potential I will), the place should have a cool vibe.

(3) The bar must have reasonable perspective. Ladies and gentleman of the cocktail resurgence, we are making alcoholic drinks. We are not discovering the theory of relativity. Be passionate, not preachy.

Well after another close call of finding my perfect cocktail bar, I was once again let down by #3 this Friday evening. I won’t name names, because I feel it’s my blogging duty to give the place another shot before I say anything negative, but long story short, I was about done with getting excited for cocktail bars. That is until we stumbled into Louis 649 on Saturday evening…


At Louis, we encountered the true trifecta. Personally, I loved their interesting mezcal cocktails but everyone in the group enjoyed what they ordered. The list was large, the vibe was chill, and the folks actually cared. While they don’t have a huge food menu, it’s easily a place I’d recommend for a Saturday evening pre or post dinner or even for their nightly happy hour. I can’t wait to go back and try a few more of their drinks and keep my fingers crossed, that maybe, just maybe, I won’t need to be listing any more of those personal ads from above. After I go back I’ll post a bit more on the specific cocktail recommendations but until then, definitely go check these guys out on 9th st and Ave C.

What about you guys, any cocktail bars that you think nail the trifecta?


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