Anheuser Busch versus Budejovicky Budvar

January 23, 2013


No time for a long post today but if you haven’t been paying attention to this ongoing story, it really something worth a little attention. Apparently for 106 years, but much more intensely recently, the U.S. corporate giant Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser (now a part of AB InBev) has been fighting with a much smaller local brewery in the Czech Republic named Budejovicky Budvar for the exclusive use of the term “Bud” and “Budweiser” for distribution and marketing of their beers in specific global geographies. One of the more interesting angles here is that the last official agreement was made in 1939 granting Anheuser Busch exclusive rights to naming in all American Territories north of Panama. It’s no wonder they are back at it fighting in courts when you put that agreement into the context of modern day distribution. But regardless of who you think is right or wrong, it’s a fascinating story of brewing history and the complexity that is created by globalization.

What do you all think about the Budweiser Battle?

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