It’s A Music Monday at the Nobler

January 28, 2013

Limited Pre-sale Tickets for the Canon Logic HERE!

My favorite part about running the Nobler Experiment is how each and every member, each and every enthusiast brings something unique to the table. In fact, we’re not really a drinking “club” as it may seem. But rather the interests and passions we share are all simply brought together and made better by the greatness of good booze. It’s why, I’m so thrilled that my buddies and fellow Noblers, Canon Logic, are getting set to release their new album WYLD which after a sneak preview, I can tell you is frickin’ awesome. And by the way, goes great with a tall glass of bourbon.

Right now they are gearing up for their upcoming show at the Mercury Lounge and are offering discounted tickets at their site here. Check out Mountain and buy a ticket now!


But Canon Logic isn’t the only band being cultivated by the Nobler Experiment (I can take credit for this right?). This Saturday night I got to see Dan (who you know from a few guest blogs here and here) and Luke (who you know from his awesome beer blog here) as the Wild Stallions kicked some ass at Hank’s Saloon. I paired these guys with a few whiskey, club sodas and proceeded to question why I’m slowly becoming the only one in the Nobler without and musical abilities….


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