Drink Wine on Super Bowl Sunday

January 31, 2013

I may often paint my fellow Noblers as booze-fiending, loyal followers of the experiment but…Well that’s true. However, some of them can write…Here’s some Super Bowl wine advice from Adam!


With the Super Bowl approaching this weekend, many people are busy planning their menus while their guests are trying to figure out what booze to bring.  Beer has always been the go-to beverage to bring to the party, but after a few beers with all the heavy game-day food, I usually wind up feeling tired and full, trying to slip away to take a nap, instead of watching the second half.

Wine, on the other hand, can be a perfect lubricant for the festivities, and there are a few varietals out there that pair perfectly with what your friends are probably making for the big game.  
If you know your friends will be making food that is heavy – think burgers, chili, sour cream based dips – you’ll want a wine with the acidity to cut through all of that.  
Two wines I really love for this task due to their quality and affordability are Dolcetto and Barbera, both from the famous Piedmont region of Italy.  While Piedmont is most famous for its Barolo and Barbaresco, the King and Queen of wines, the lesser known varietals Dolcetto and Barbera are the wines the Italians drink every day, and they are just acidic enough to cut through the fat and bold flavors of the Super Bowl’s heaviest dishes.  Dolcetto, in fact, almost never touches oak, instead, after being crushed, it is aged in steel for 6 months to a year, and then bottled, preserving the wine’s bright colors and acid perfectly.
Lets say, however, that you’re headed to a party where the hosts are embracing the flavors of New Orleans, this year’s host city.  That means many of the dishes are going to be spicy, and you’ll want a wine that goes well with the spice.  One of the best wines for that task is Reisling (try it with spicy Indian and Thai food too).  While Germany is the most famous region that produces Reisling, there are a lot of great Reislings being made in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York as well as many affordable bottles being produced in Austria.  All should go very well with the spice.
Have a great day, and don’t get too wrapped up in the game.  It’s all about the commercials anyway

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