World’s Largest Whiskey List

March 6, 2013


I’ve noticed a really funny trend recently popping up all over NYC. Whiskey lists that seemingly go on and on forever are becoming more and more popular as bar owners are attempting to capitalize on the growing whiskey drinking segment. Ironically however, I’ve had on a bunch of occasions, a bartender tell me the rare or less common whiskey I was ordering wasn’t available. “Just ran out” or “Haven’t had that in a while” are common answers. So here’s a follow up question:

Is a large list of sometimes available better than a short list of consistency?

I tend to think not but maybe it’s just easier to print one list and deal with pain in the asses like me as we show up. But sooner or later these unfilled lists are going to read more like the “world’s best coffee” claims outside of the bodega. And unless Buddy the Elf is a whiskey drinker, there won’t be many people getting too amped up over the claim.

What about you all? Have you seen this popping up as well?




  1. Truth be told, I rarely go to bars to drink whisky. The reasons are simple…

    (A) Whisky as my primary drink in bars is generally too expensive. I will occasionally have one in lieu of dessert when dining out, but that’s about it.

    (B) My trip back home usually involves some driving, so a night of whisky drinking at the bars is dangerous. Stupid suburbs!

    (C) The other Booze Dancers and I have a better selection of Whisky than most of the bars in the Philadelphia area.

    Now if I were one to drink whisky in bars on a regular basis, I would probably me much like yourself, i.e. on the lookout for something new. So to answer your question, while I haven’t been noticing this phenomenon down here, I too would be annoyed if the whisky on the list were unavailable.

    Back in November, the family spent some time at the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal. They had a nice Craft Beer list on their menu, but every one I tried to order on draught was “out of stock”. To say that I was annoyed would be an understatement. Thankfully, they eventually found me a tall boy of Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Delicious stuff!

    • I hate to admit this, but I’ve often brought my own whiskey to deal with that cost issue. I’ve always justified it because I tend to buy a beer and simple use my flask of whiskey to extend the night, but I know it’s kind of bogus. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

      As for the driving, it’s definitely something we take for granted living in NYC. It always hits me when I go home to visit family. You have to plan your night much more effectively if you have driving involved. I’m glad that you and hopefully others actually do this.

      And let’s hope this phenomenon of un-fufilled lists doesn’t follow the same trend. That craft beer example makes worried!

      • I never thought to bring my own flask. I have acquired a few over the years at various whisky events, but rarely use them. Must be the whole “responsible parenting” thing that’s cramping my style. Oh wait… we launched the blog AFTER my second son was born. Something about needing to drink more. 😉

        Trips into Philly aren’t too bad when it comes to hitting the bars, but we typically don’t get there that often, especially on the weekends. Between all the travel time on the train and all the walking around, we pretty much behave. We will occasionally head to a local bar on a Sunday night to grab a couple craft beers. We’re usually there for 3 to 4 hours and I limit myself to 3 beers (though they are typically high test). A bit of food and lots of water keeps things under control since I have to drive home (under 25 mph zone the whole way which is heavily policed). And since my tolerance is pretty good these days, I usually get full before I get even the slightest bit tipsy.

        As far as the Hard Rock experience, thankfully that was an isolated incident. Per the waitress, they tried to start selling craft beers during the summer in 2012, but they didn’t sell well. Judging by what everyone was drinking pool side, I can see why. It was definitely a Bud/Miller/Coors crowd. Thank god they had a Sierra Nevada for me!

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