Shipwrecked, Norwegian, and Beer: The Return of the Cow Thieves

March 15, 2013

Jan Wennstroem (L), CEO of Aland's only brewery Stallhagen, and diver Christian Ekstroem pose with a picture of the bottle discovered in the 200-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, June 8, 2012, Finland.

Sometimes you just have to admit when you are less awesome than others. So today I admit it: Jan Wennstroem, CEO of Aaland’s only brewery Stallhagen, and diver Christian Ekstroem. You two are way more awesome than I.

Here’s the story: In 2010, divers found preserved champagne and beer bottles aboard a shipwrecked Norwegian Schooner said to be sailing from Germany to Finland close to 200 years ago. That’s right. We’re talking 200 year old beer. And the unique conditions of the ocean managed to preserve this beer for close to two centuries leaving it drinkable, and maybe more importantly, analyzable (is that word?) so that a modern day replica could be brewed. Stallhagen says their “shipwrecked” beer will be ready for sales next year.

Quite frankly, it’s good timing for this story to come out because the Cow Thieves have been insanely busy the past few months but this is just the motivation we need to get back into our brewing quarters. Maybe we can try and replicate the beer found underneath the old retaining wall…what do you think Larry?


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