A Passover Cocktail: Charoset and Bourbon

March 25, 2013


It’s been a busy few weeks as you could probably tell which means I’ve been slacking in the cocktail department recently. Sure enough, all I needed was a weekend out in Sea Cliff with some Cow Thieves Brewing and some family time to get me back in the game. We had a bit of an alternative Passover dinner this year. And by Passover dinner, I mean we ate matzo ball soup and brisket and drank a lot of wine 24 hours before Passover started. So yeah, I like our version much better…

One of the mainstays of a traditional Passover Sedar is charoset, a sweet fruit and nut “chutney” meant to symbolize the mortar used by the Israelites enslaved in Ancient Egypt (I know, pretty heavy stuff for a Monday). It’s actually a pretty simple yet often variable mix of dried fruit, apples, cinnamon, nuts, and red wine and while I’ve never been charoset’s biggest fan, it was the perfect canvas for my first ever Passover inspired cocktail. I swapped out the wine for bourbon because well, I love bourbon. And honestly, you don’t need to be taking part in Passover festivities to enjoy this guy. It’s really delicious and a great balance of sweetness and acidity. Plus you end up with delicious sugary walnuts for snacking in the progress. And it’s strong, so whatever you do, don’t leave this out for Elijah as he might not make it to the next home.

One small issue: I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to drink bourbon on passover so, um, yeah….not sure how to help you with that one. Early afternoon cocktail before the holiday starts?

Charoset and Bourbon

3 oz bourbon (your choice)

3 (1/4 inch) slices of granny smith apple

1 large lemon wedge

4 tsp of cinnamon walnut syrup (recipe below)

Crushed Ice

In a rocks glass muddle the apple slices with the bourbon. Add the cinnamon walnut syrup and the juice from the lemon wedge and fill with crushed ice. Pour into a pint glass and then back into the rocks glass to serve. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon stick.

Cinnamon Walnut Syrup

2 cups water

1 cups sugar

3 cinnamon sticks

1/2 cup toasted unsalted walnuts

pinch of salt

In a sauce pan, bring the sugar and water to a boil. Add the remaining ingredients and reduce the heat to med and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the cinnamon sticks and simmer on low for another 10 minutes. Cool before using. Serve the walnuts as snacks along side of the cocktails!





One comment

  1. Good company…Fabulous food…Charoset/bourbon…great combo!!

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