A Tuesday Night Routine is Born

April 3, 2013


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Tuesday nights are my favorite nights for a glass of whiskey. Weekend revelry is wonderful, but there is something irreplaceable about the slow settling a tall glass of bourbon will do for you on the second day of the work week. My routine has evolved to be wrought with pacing. Each and every step along the way includes careful and calculated selection. From choosing the right glass, to grabbing the appropriate ice cubes, and to finally, selecting the perfect whiskey, anyone else might assume the process is trivial. But for me, there is intrinsic thoughtfulness in landing on one of a number of possible combinations.

Once these choices have been made, the pour and enhancements  follow. For me, a go to is the simple yet undeniably delicious whiskey sour blend of bourbon, lemon juice, and honey. Here is the link to my Whiskey Sour post from a few months ago. While I often post about some more complex variations on this basic blend, it’s this simplest form that works perfectly for a mid-week drink. The honey and lemon balance the bold flavors of the bourbon perfectly and as the ice melts slowly as you sip away on your first glass, it’s as if the early week stresses dissolve in parallel. Damn I love a whiskey sour!

What about you guys? Any favorite weeknight drinks? And any preference for the night itself?



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  1. nice blog! here are two of my favs:


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