With Craft Beer, More Isn’t Always A Good Thing

April 4, 2013


[Photo: Jason E. Kaplan, Serious Drinks]

First off, I’ve got to say I’m a bit offended the Cow Thieves Brewery wasn’t invited to the Craft Brewers Conference this year. We could have held a really valuable seminar called “Barefoot Bottle Filling: The Pros and Cons of Questionable Quality Control”. Oh well, next year…

With all that silliness aside, this recap from the folks over at Serious Drinks summarizes a few trends in the industry, most of which I’m pretty happy about. Love the focus on new job opportunities! But the one that really blows my mind is the pacing of new U.S. Brewery openings. 409 new breweries in 2012 with another 1254 in the planning stages is just insane. That is an unbelievable amount of craft beer and as Jen mentions in her write up, this isn’t always a good thing.

We’ve all had the craft beer that disappoints and with the number of new breweries growing, I’m fearful that this will become more of a regular occurrence. But with the number of beer obsessives out there, I’m also thinking the less than average breweries will have to evolve or die. Either way, myself and the Noblers are excited to keep drinking these newbies, good, bad, or breathtaking. Speaking of which, who’s going to Beer for Beasts this weekend? We’ve got quite the Nobler contingency going and are always looking for new recruits!



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