Update: Maker’s Exceeds the Mark Ironically

May 16, 2013


You’ll probably remember myself and just about every other liquor blogger out there commenting on the Maker’s Mark controversy from earlier in the year. As a quick refresher, in order to meet increasing demand and therefore limited supply, Maker’s Mark planned on decreasing the proof of their bourbon from 90 to 84 essentially watering down their final product to stretch their inventory capabilities. Well, after a few weeks of online outrage, the brand reversed course sticking with their classic 90 proof formula…you know, for us of course.

But you’ll also remember I (along with a number of others) had another theory. Not one necessarily rooted in conspiracy but at least one that acknowledged the potential boost that this whole “debacle” could create. And turns out, this was the case. I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks but this article over at Quartz highlights the amazing Maker’s sales numbers seen in the first quarter. A 45% jump in first quarter profit seems to suggest the Maker’s Mark lovers out there went out in hoards to gobble up the stuff upon hearing the news. This of course is highly ironic, as the Quartz writer points out, in that the news to water down the bourbon was in response to a limited supply issue. 

I know I wasn’t one of the reasons for increased sales but what about you all? Anyone rush out to hoard the 90 proof stuff?


One comment

  1. Smells like a publicity stunt to me too. While I certainly wouldn’t turn down a Maker’s Mark if it were offered to me (I don’t want to be rude after all!), I also won’t be buying a bottle any time soon.

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