The Cocktail Classics

May 17, 2013

For those of you in New York and for those who have made the trip, tonight marks the opening of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. The Classic is a series of events, some educational, some experiential that celebrate the world of spirits and the enthusiasts that keep it interesting. Tickets have been on sale for many of the events for some time and most sold out pretty darn quickly but there may be a few events still open so check it out here…

But in honor of the classic, I thought I’d put together a little post about the cocktail. You know, the notion of the cocktail. Because when well executed the cocktail represents a confidence and an intrigue that no other drink can encompass. And most importantly, you can make your cocktail your own. Maybe you tweak a recipe, maybe you choose something historical or cutting-edge, but no matter what, having “your’ cocktail is a damn good feeling.

What perfect timing then, that the folks over at Serious Drinks put together this list of 25 classic cocktails to get us all started. I’ll tell you, it’s a great list with a lot of great drinks; but encourage you to make these your own. Choose your favorite spirit and brand, choose your favorite garnish, and be sure to recognize the fun in choosing. Next week the Noblers are gathering for a little cocktail creation of our own and I bet we’ll have a few more options to report back on. So enjoy the weekend, at the Classic or not, and most importantly, enjoy a cocktail!


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