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Great Stress Free Wine Advice for Thanksgiving!

November 19, 2012

I may often paint my fellow Noblers as booze-fiending, loyal followers of the experiment but…Well that’s true. However, some of them can write…

Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite holiday, from  the food, to the football, to the cocktails and, of course, to the wine.  There is nothing more enjoyable than getting together with friends and family to share a meal and drink great drinks. That said, this meal comes with a lot of pressure, so my hope is that at least in the wine department, I can rid you of some of that stress.  

Over the past few decades a trend has developed around our tables. Wine writers have declared that, because Thanksgiving is an American holiday, we really should drink an American produced wine.  In the 80’s and 90’s, this meant the wine was probably a good Cabernet that came from California’s Napa Valley. As we moved into the 21st century, the wine became Pinot Noir from Oregon, and Pinot is still the dominant wine that is suggested every year.  But I am here to tell you that there is another great American wine that everyone is overlooking, and it should definitely be on your Thanksgiving table. That wine is Cabernet Franc from New York’s North Fork wine region.  
Cabernet Franc has historically been known as a blending varietal that is used in Bourdeaux, but out on New York’s North Fork, it is proving itself to be a varietal that was destined for much more than just a grape to be blended with other grapes. Cabernet Franc is light in color and can have lovely notes of pepper, raspberry, tobacco, and violet, perfect for pairing with the Thanksgiving meal.    
Over the past ten years, the Cabernet Franc has really thrived out on the North Fork and many would now argue it’s the wine for which the region will become known, much like Napa for Cabernet or Mendoza for Malbec.  There are a lot of wineries on the North Fork producing excellent Cab Franc, but since I can’t list them all, here are some of my favorites:
Shinn Estates – $39
Bedell – $35
Clovis Point – $27.50
Paumanok – $24.00
Happy Thanksgiving!
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