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Closed for Renovation

June 10, 2013

The Nobler Experiment is growing! And is in need of a little refreshment. So I’ve gone ahead and hired the best web developer on the planet….


He’s great at his craft, but he tends to take quite a few “coffee breaks”. He promises me, the new and improved Nobler will be ready by next week so let’s hope he’s stocked up on coconut waters to hydrate his way to success. I’ll keep you all updated on his progress.

Cheers to the re-launch of the Nobler Experiment coming soon!


Hangover Cures – The Trifecta

March 7, 2013

I’m so jacked up for the Night Cap this Friday. But with all the delicious drinks we’re serving, I’m just assuming and preparing for a nasty hangover on Saturday. So I thought I’d turn to Nobler Mark for some advice. Being that we tend to be a part of creating each other’s hangovers, it only seems fair that he’d part of the solution…


Just as booze comes in countless nuanced varieties, so does the hangover.  Since this is all very scientific, I’ve separated the 3 major areas of affectedness and applied a few remedies accordingly.  Just a quick note before beginning: Every one of these treatments begins with Advil and Coffee.  Lots of coffee.  Like, all of the coffee.  This first step is necessary and can just be assumed hereafter.

The Head – For a general fuzziness in the dome, look no further than a hearty Brunch, replete with your favorite early cocktail.  The Pimm’s Cup is a dark horse favorite.  Fill up on nutrients and slip right back into a comfortable buzz and all will be well.  A pounding headache, however, is another story.  After the requisite Advil and Coffee I find the two biggest priorities are hydration and sugar.  Thankfully, some genius invented coconut water, which should at least get you started on the long path to recovery.  Also, sunglasses.

The Heart[burn] – What do you do when all that whiskey that was keeping you warm last night leaves you with a gut full of smoldering embers? Pickles. This probably seems counter-intuitive, and I don’t have an explanation, but that’s the answer. Pickles will settle your stomach enough to get you started on that tall Bloody Mary of salvation.  ”Vinegar and spice, everything’s nice.”  Remember that. That’s gonna be a thing now.

The Body – Hangover Legs!  I was introduced to this phenomenon by Nobler Sean back in college, but never experienced it until years later. It’s not too terribly unpleasant (for the uninitiated it kind of feels like lactic acid build-up from an intense workout) but it tends to stick around all day.  For this one I recommend copious stretching, followed by eating your weight in Chinese Food.  Any greasy-spoon comfort food will do the trick really, along with a refreshing beer or two. 



The Shortest Vacation

April 30, 2012

By this time of the year, most people are staring at their calendars dreaming of their next vacation. However if your job is like a summer camp as it is for Nobler supporters Sarah Gordon and Joe Fisher, this is not a problem. Because at any given time, you are probably on vacation. I swear I’m not jealous…

Okay, fine. I am. Cause when I started seeing pictures of their most recent trip to Manuel Antonio, CR I was tempted to jump on the next flight and meet them. But I was already on my couch watching playoff sports so clearly, I didn’t have the time to pack. Instead I opted for the next best thing. This vacation inspired cocktail just might get you through to memorial day. Simply stir a few of these guys up, close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest. Worst comes to worst, drink a few more of these until you pass out. Maybe you’ll even dream you are at the beach!

The Shortest Vacation

2 oz bourbon

3 oz coconut water

Juice of half a lime

1 tsp honey

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of nutmeg

In a cocktail shaker, mix the coconut water, lime juice and honey. In a rocks glass, add the bourbon, cinnamon and nutmeg and let rest for 1 minute. Add the coconut water mixture and ice and garnish with vacation envy!


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