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Who left the beer in the bird bath?

July 31, 2012

Cow Thieves Brewery production has quickly become one of my most enjoyable activities. But nothing compares to labeling and tasting day!

This Sunday our third batch, our summer saisons were finally ready. I say ‘finally’, because the two weeks between bottling and tasting always ends up feeling like two years. The long day of brewing, the week or so of fermenting, and the now fairly efficient day of bottling are all items of the process you can control. At least, it feels that way. Whether it’s boiling away on the stove or bubbling away in the carboy, there’s a visual confirmation to the process. But once you get that stuff in the bottle, that’s it: time to wait, fingers crossed, hoping that your efforts were not for nothing.

Our Cow Thieves and Southampton Saison were worth the anxiety. Light, crisp, and yeast forward like a good saison should be, these Belgium style pale ales are going to be hard not to cruise through. We’ve already agreed to at least keep a case or two for our annual trip to Southampton, but with another weekend between now and then, I’m going to have to do my best to enjoy only a few.

If you haven’t already requested a t-shirt but are considering grabbing one for only $10, sign up below. Plus if you sign up for a shirt, you are automatically in the running for the next Nobler giveaway: a few Cow Thieves Brewery saisons of your very own!



Fiskbullar, Glögg, and Cow Thieves T-Shirts

July 27, 2012

While my homemade, iron on version was a nice starting point, these real-deal tees are ordered and on their way! Make sure you get one before they are gone. These things are bound to be worth millions as a collectable item years from now and are being hand sewn by Swedish elves so committed, they only take short breaks for fiskbullar and Glögg twice a day. The original cow thieves would be seriously proud! Sign up below and I”ll make sure I hold one for you for only $10. 

Speaking of Cow Thieves, our summer Saisons are ready to be tested this Sunday and with the labels in print as we speak, it’s sure to be another successful batch. Maybe a six pack Nobler giveaway? Check back soon!


New Summer Ale Giveaway!

May 8, 2012

It’s time for the Cow Thieves to get back to work as we get set to create our first summer brew. This last batch of pilsners has been wildly successful and despite a slight issue of over-carbonation in the Garage Pale Pils, leading to a minor explosion of two bottles, there wasn’t much I would have changed about this go around. Particularly not the labels!

So it was perfect timing that the team over at Serious Drinks posted this link on 5 Refreshing Beers for Warm Weather Drinking. Acting as a little inspiration and a source of reference for our upcoming shopping trip, this guide points out a few necessities for our summer style beers. Both the Cow Thieves Pilsner and the Garage Pale Pils are crisp and refreshing but not exactly “light”. They pack a delicious punch making them perfect for a spring night cooking by the grill. Sitting in the summer sun and heat, pounding a few of these guys on the other hand could lead to some interesting/potentially dangerous situations.

I am envisioning us cracking into these new brews as we float in the water digging for clams and avoiding the constable at our annual Southampton extravaganza. You’ll notice, all of our traditions have lavish names and involve a heavy focus on booze. Take note if you suffer from a lack of tradition in your life! But in order to be an effective clammer, a life jacket can not be worn. Whether you “dive and swoop” or prefer to clam as a “toe digger” buoyancy in this case is not your friend. But trust me, I would definitely need a life jacket after a few of the pilsners.

So what should our summer brews taste like? Or what are some of your favorite summer beers that we can try to reference? Leave a comment and you are automatically in the running to win a 6 pack of the Cow Thieves next delicious batch of beer! You normally pay $8-$15 bucks for a six pack…and all I’m asking you to do is contribute…seems fair to me!


The Cow Thieves are Here to Stay

April 16, 2012

That’s it. I’m hooked. After our first batch of beer, I professed how awesome the experience was; how I could see beer making becoming a maybe annual enterprise more or less so I could continue working on my labeling prowess. But after this second batch of pilsners, which we had our first taste of yesterday, I’m all in. While our first two brews, an American Pale Ale and an IPA came out pretty good, these guys are simply fantastic.

In my post on the magical world of yeast, I alluded to our variable selection this time around. But that wasn’t the whole story. While we did choose to use two distinct hop varieties we also added one extra wrinkle. For one batch we used a process known as “dry hopping” which requires a percentage of the hop base to be added during the fermentation, rather than during the boiling of the mash. The outcome was really obvious. For the dry hopped “Garage Pale Ale”, the hoppy notes are more bright and forward. Which makes total sense. But that’s not to say its necessarily better. The standard hopped “Cow Thieves Pilsner” is complex and bold in flavor making a perfect pairing. They both ended up being a bit on the strong side but that’s fine by me! I can’t wait to share these beers with the Noblers.

Larry and I are already planning our Summer Ale to be debuted at the annual Southampton Extravaganza. Clamming and Cow Thieves never sounded so good!

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