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Hop is King!

February 7, 2013


Despite the fact that I tend to ramble on and on about the NY distillation scene, I think it’s important to remember it was the craft brewers that really got this resurgence started. Similar legislation changes have been opening the doors for the “small” batch brewers and they haven’t disappointed; without a doubt, a few of my favorite beers are made in NY (including Cow Thieves). So when a Cow Thief cousin (thanks Sandra) sent me this Kickstarter Campaign, it’s pretty easy to see why I got all jazzed up.

As the campaign describes, Hops were one of the original specialty crops in New York taking advantage of the optimal soil and climate conditions. That was until (like so many related industry stories) Prohibition and in this situation a widespread case of mildew almost completely decimated the business. Farmers switched to other crops and dairy production leaving a hole in the locally available hop sourcing channel. That’s where Condzella Hops comes in. They saw the opportunity and potential partnerships building in the local craft brewing scene and began their own hop farming initiative just a few years ago.

Now they are looking to take their efforts to the next level. They are looking to procure a fairly expensive hop harvesting machine and are looking for help in raising the necessary funds. I think what makes their request a bit more special however, is the real mission behind the machine. They envision a symbiotic relationship between farmers and brewers sharing in the benefits of this community resource bringing efficiency back to the New York Hop Industry. Or as they say, HOP IS KING!

Check them out here on the Kickerstarter page to help support the cause and you can also follow them along at their Facebook page here. I wish them the best of luck and hope someday soon we can make a special brew of cow thieves with their hops in honor of their success!

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