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Nobler Holiday Gift Guide – Bottle Caps!

December 6, 2012


On the second day of the Holiday Gift Guide, your Nobler gives to thee…

Awesome, customizable bottle caps for your favorite home-brewer. Being the proud co-founder of the Cow Thieves Brewery myself, I imagine it might be difficult to figure out the right gift for the brewer in your life. You might not feel comfortable picking up specific ingredients, and while a gift certificate to their favorite brew shop might be appreciated, the folks at Bottle Mark give you the opportunity to give a truly customizable component to the beer making production; a component that is often overlooked.

The bottle cap, is almost always boring and basic. But with this gift you can provide something that definitely sets your homemade beers apart. I’ve got a batch of these cow thieves caps on the way that I’m pretty pumped about and at 12 cents a cap, the ability to customize from batch to batch is pretty exceptional.

And as an extra special bonus round on the gift guide, we still have a number of our stylish, comfortable, and bad-ass Cow Thieves Brewery t-shirts available for sale. At only $10 it’s hard to imagine a better way to feel impressive…who wouldn’t want to showcase the original Cow Thieves on their chest! But seriously, if you want one (or five) just sign up below! And if you missed yesterday’s first gift guide post, check it out here…

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