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Who wants a Cow Thieves T-shirt?

July 15, 2012

New and long-expected legislation has allowed for many a firsts in the local alcohol seen. Distilleries are popping up all over the NY area and just recently I saw via Kings County, that a Brooklyn Spirits Trail is in the works which most certainly will become part of the Nobler 1st Anniversary. So you can only imagine our excitement when this week the Mayor of Sea Cliff himself pushed through a law that claimed all garage based initiatives having produced 3 or more batches of beer with decent to mediocre quality control specifications were now officially considered Breweries. Oh right, they needed to have shirts as well.

Okay, so that whole Sea Cliff mayor thing was a bit fabricated, but the t-shirts…those are f’n real!

Larry and I bottled our third batch of beer this Saturday and managed to taste a bit in the process. These Summer Saison’s are going to be our best beer yet as even room temperature out of a bucket, they had some serious character. I’m working on the labels as we speak, and after a few weeks bubbling away in the bottles, these suckers will be ready to go. So what about the t-shirts?

Well the one you see above is more or less a prototype. Because before I went ahead and ordered a bunch, I wanted to ask all of you if you wanted one! For just ten bucks, you can have one of the original Cow Thieves Brewery t-shirts and maybe even a beer in the process. Leave me a comment with your size and a firm commitment to contribute and you’ve got yourself a deal!


The Cow Thieves are Here to Stay

April 16, 2012

That’s it. I’m hooked. After our first batch of beer, I professed how awesome the experience was; how I could see beer making becoming a maybe annual enterprise more or less so I could continue working on my labeling prowess. But after this second batch of pilsners, which we had our first taste of yesterday, I’m all in. While our first two brews, an American Pale Ale and an IPA came out pretty good, these guys are simply fantastic.

In my post on the magical world of yeast, I alluded to our variable selection this time around. But that wasn’t the whole story. While we did choose to use two distinct hop varieties we also added one extra wrinkle. For one batch we used a process known as “dry hopping” which requires a percentage of the hop base to be added during the fermentation, rather than during the boiling of the mash. The outcome was really obvious. For the dry hopped “Garage Pale Ale”, the hoppy notes are more bright and forward. Which makes total sense. But that’s not to say its necessarily better. The standard hopped “Cow Thieves Pilsner” is complex and bold in flavor making a perfect pairing. They both ended up being a bit on the strong side but that’s fine by me! I can’t wait to share these beers with the Noblers.

Larry and I are already planning our Summer Ale to be debuted at the annual Southampton Extravaganza. Clamming and Cow Thieves never sounded so good!


Bitters, Pilsner, and a Nobler Giveaway

March 16, 2012

Larry working on our Cow Thieves Pilsner

I’ve finally managed to organize myself and get together all the ingredients for my homemade bitters project. 3 weeks from now, I’ll hopefully be reporting back on a wildly successful venture. But to be clear, that’s not really why I’ve been finding myself on a major DIY kick. Having just finished up the brewing of a second large batch of Cow Thieves Ale (with some exciting changes), and having worked on my own blended scotch for Steve, it’s exciting to know that my enthusiasm for the “homemade” stems completely from plain and earnest curiosity.

Is it more economical or more convenient to purchase a bunch of ingredients to make a batch of bitters for cocktail making? I mean probably not. Or is it cocktail crucial for the bitters to be homemade? Of course not. But I’m not looking to be the world’s best bitters maker or convince you that you haven’t lived until you’ve made everything on your own. There’s just simply no better way to learn, than to do it yourself (or by reading about it here). So check back as I write about the process, the results, and even the very first Nobler Experiment giveaway!

On an even more exciting note…you must be wondering what’s more exciting than a giveaway!…The warm weather afternoons of outdoor drinking have arrived and I can’t friggin wait. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully a Bertha Palmer!

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