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The Cow Thieves are Here to Stay

April 16, 2012

That’s it. I’m hooked. After our first batch of beer, I professed how awesome the experience was; how I could see beer making becoming a maybe annual enterprise more or less so I could continue working on my labeling prowess. But after this second batch of pilsners, which we had our first taste of yesterday, I’m all in. While our first two brews, an American Pale Ale and an IPA came out pretty good, these guys are simply fantastic.

In my post on the magical world of yeast, I alluded to our variable selection this time around. But that wasn’t the whole story. While we did choose to use two distinct hop varieties we also added one extra wrinkle. For one batch we used a process known as “dry hopping” which requires a percentage of the hop base to be added during the fermentation, rather than during the boiling of the mash. The outcome was really obvious. For the dry hopped “Garage Pale Ale”, the hoppy notes are more bright and forward. Which makes total sense. But that’s not to say its necessarily better. The standard hopped “Cow Thieves Pilsner” is complex and bold in flavor making a perfect pairing. They both ended up being a bit on the strong side but that’s fine by me! I can’t wait to share these beers with the Noblers.

Larry and I are already planning our Summer Ale to be debuted at the annual Southampton Extravaganza. Clamming and Cow Thieves never sounded so good!


Christmas Was Good to the Nobler Experiment!

December 27, 2011

Our two homemade brews, Cow Thieves Ale and The Mustache Maker turned out great. The IPA has just enough bite and the Cow thieves is nice and light. I’m excited to let some of the Noblers give these a shot.

This blueberry, cardamom, and vanilla cocktail inspired by some friends was the perfect Christmas eve starter. I’ll post the recipe this week for sure.

The Nobler Christmas haul.

Digging in to some Monkey Shoulder with one perfect ice ball.

A little bubbly for Christmas dinner.

And dessert…

And lastly, a recovery day cocktail of tamarind juice and rum by the fire…


One of the Brews Brothers…

November 21, 2011

A few weeks back I posted about my growing desire to brew my own beer. Not so much so that I could become some great brew master, but more because I was curious as hell to see how the process went. Well, after brewing 5 gallons each of American Pale Ale and an Indian Pale Ale yesterday, I can truly say, it’s pretty damn awesome.

These brew kits make the process incredibly straight forward. If you follow the instructions, you should end up with a decent product in the end. That being said, much like folks describe baking, there isn’t much room for error. Time and temperature seem to be the two most important factors which is why I’d say it’s definitely at least a two man job. My partner in crime yesterday, Larry Gordon, had brewed his own beer a few years back which made all the difference in getting it done without any major issues (we think). We now have close to 120 bottles worth of beer fermenting away to be bottled and to be potentially even ready for Christmas.

I’m pumped to see how they turn out and share our brews with everyone…bottling and labels to come next!

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