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Apricot and Star Anise Bitters Giveaway

May 14, 2013


I’ve been itching to try a new batch of bitters for a while now, particularly after how much I loved my first attempt. I really enjoyed the orange bitters I made a number of months back, with only a few complaints on my end. While the bittering agents did their trick, I never felt the “orange” hit home as much as I was hoping. Which is why I went back and forth for some time on what to make next. I wanted to marry flavors that were bright and interesting, but were also something I could see myself (and ultimately you all) using often. Enter some culinary inspiration…

I’ve been finding ways to incorporate star anise into just about anything I cook these days. I love it to add flavor to a simple broth or sauce and it does amazing things in marinades for meat. And nothing balances the vibrant flavor of star anise like a little sweetness and acidity. Now enter the apricot…


These apricot and star anise bitters are friggin’ awesome. So pumped with how these turned out and thrilled to be able to offer the second Nobler bitters giveaway to let you in on all the enjoyment. You know the drill, simply comment, re-post on Facebook, or re-tweet and you are in the running for one of three free bottles. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow! Good Luck!


Bitters Winners, Garage Sales, and Alcoholics

June 1, 2012

Using a highly complex algorithm (Microsoft excel random sort function), I am pleased to announce the winners of the very first Nobler Bitters giveaway along with this masterpiece of graphic arts as a logo to go along with it. Mark Alu, Emily Holbrook, and Sean Gilman will be enjoying these bitters in no time sipping away on some delicious cocktails. In the meantime, I’m off to Sea Cliff this weekend for what will surely be an epic Garage Sale day paired with an epic Garage Sale day cocktail. Who knows, maybe I’ll even sell enough stuff to pay for my train home!

As a little weekend reading, you have to check out this article, Nobler Tim sent me last night. I was going to write about it today but thought it wasn’t really “It’s Friday, let’s celebrate” material, so you’ll have to wait til Monday to hear my thoughts on the DSM classification for addiction changing. And trust me I have a lot of them…

Enjoy the weekend!


Nobler Bitters Giveaway!

May 23, 2012

It was just over two months ago that I promised the very first batch of Nobler Experiment Bitters. And if you had happened to do any research on the matter, you probably know that it doesn’t take two months to produce…I hate when I make blog promises before I actually start the process!

So to make up for the delay, I’m upping the ante. For this Nobler giveaway, I’m making it extra easy on you. All you have to do is leave a comment or like this post through the Facebook tag below and you are in the running for not one, not two, not three…uh oh, I’m starting to sound like Lebron now. Okay, let’s make it three bottles of bitters that I’m giving away! So get in on the action and when this batch gets bottled early next week, be one of the only people with a bottle of Nobler Bitters in your collection. Plus I promise it won’t have that lame, rushed label for those aesthetically appalled…


Bitters, Pilsner, and a Nobler Giveaway

March 16, 2012

Larry working on our Cow Thieves Pilsner

I’ve finally managed to organize myself and get together all the ingredients for my homemade bitters project. 3 weeks from now, I’ll hopefully be reporting back on a wildly successful venture. But to be clear, that’s not really why I’ve been finding myself on a major DIY kick. Having just finished up the brewing of a second large batch of Cow Thieves Ale (with some exciting changes), and having worked on my own blended scotch for Steve, it’s exciting to know that my enthusiasm for the “homemade” stems completely from plain and earnest curiosity.

Is it more economical or more convenient to purchase a bunch of ingredients to make a batch of bitters for cocktail making? I mean probably not. Or is it cocktail crucial for the bitters to be homemade? Of course not. But I’m not looking to be the world’s best bitters maker or convince you that you haven’t lived until you’ve made everything on your own. There’s just simply no better way to learn, than to do it yourself (or by reading about it here). So check back as I write about the process, the results, and even the very first Nobler Experiment giveaway!

On an even more exciting note…you must be wondering what’s more exciting than a giveaway!…The warm weather afternoons of outdoor drinking have arrived and I can’t friggin wait. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully a Bertha Palmer!

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