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Birthday Tasting at Idle Hands

April 19, 2012

If you’ll remember back a few weeks, I posted about celebrating World Whiskey Day at Idle Hands in the east village. At that time, I was enamored by their unbelievable bourbon list and their straightforward approach summarized nicely by their motto: Bourbon. Beer. Rock. But it was the conversation I had with the owner that night, that made me sure this was the place I wanted to spend my birthday.

Every Wednesday night these guys are offering up one of the most ridiculous and worthwhile tasting experiences I’ve found in New York. Every week a brewery (last night was Sierra Nevada) and a whiskey (last night was McKenzie) send a representative to walk you through a tasting. Three 8 oz beer tastes (although I think we ended up with more like¬† five 5 oz pours) and two full pours from the brewery (although I think we ended up with one strong ass torpedo) and one solid tasting of the whiskey goes along just perfectly with an order of tater tots. But here comes the ridiculous part. It costs $10! Yes, I said $10!

Even more in line with my notion of a proper night out, these tastings occur in a truly informal manner. We had a fairly large crowd and managed to stake out a bit of a claim. Sitting back as the beer and whiskey came to us makes for an extended experience. It was almost like they read my last blog post!

As for the specifics, the Sierra tasting was pretty delicious. By the time we got to the 10% torpedo, I was heading upstairs to re-fuel with some extra food. Those tots were amazing but needed some company to help absorb all that 10% was offering. Even more interesting however was our McKenzie tasting. The rep Steven, walked us through the uniqueness of this Finger Lakes distillery sourcing their ingredients from NY state. Next week Steven’s coming back with their Rye which has me intrigued but at this point, I think it’s safe to say, you know where to find me on Wednesdays!

Thanks to everyone who made it out making for one of the more memorable birthdays I’ve ever had. And thanks to the folks at Idle Hands for being brilliant!


Drink Often But Slowly

April 18, 2012

Look, I try my best not to be a New York snob. In fact, for full disclosure, my biggest concern when moving here now about five years ago was being the guy that solely referred to New York as “THE CITY”. So much for that…

But seriously, there is no better place to witness the emergence of spring than in the city. Dammit, I mean New York. The energy is electric, the clothes seem to disappear, and everyone seems to be drinking outside. Which is my favorite part for sure. But it all seems to fly by so fast. With weekends packed with activities and non-stop weekday happy hours, all of a sudden it’s October and were bitching it’s cold again. But this year, I’ve got a slogan to live by.

Drink often but slowly. (Things sound more intelligent when they are in italics, right?)

There is no better way to share an experience or to get to know someone than over your favorite glass of bourbon, or by sharing a great bottle of wine; these details are the catalysts to great memories. And the more you savor them as they occur, the more memorable they truly are.¬† Oh, and of course, don’t forget to instagram the shit out of those memories as well. Otherwise they never really happened.

It’s been a crazy few weeks and it mostly feels like a whirlwind but it’s time to take a step back and slow down. I’m kicking off my Spring/Summer motto with an awesome whiskey and beer tasting at Idle Hands with some close friends for my Birthday and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s already been a great Birthday week with a night out at Talde in the BK and a cauliflower crust pizza “cake” on Sunday (thanks Nancy!). And I can tell you one thing…

Tonight the first part of that motto will not be an issue!


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