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Operation Swill: Booze Fraud & Rubbing Alcohol

May 30, 2013


What a week for the news of booze! And this story has it all. New Jersey, TGI Fridays, and a bad ass-name in ‘Operation Swill’; no question, I’m intrigued to see where this one goes.

Long story short (because you can read all the details here), 29 establishments (listed here) in New Jersey (13 of which are TGI Fridays) are under investigation for serving low quality alcohol as substitutes for high-end, top shelf orders, essentially swindling their customers for some serious margins. In one case, the situation is even more ridiculous as one particular bar is being accused of serving rubbing alcohol and food coloring as scotch. Yo, seriously: whichever bar that is, needs to be shut down immediately. Just saying…

As for the other bars, I’m sort of surprised this isn’t happening more often (if it isn’t already). Particularly for places that serve mix drinks as the base of their offerings, I imagine it would be seriously easy to pull this off. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is right. In fact, I think it’s awful, but I am saying I think it’s highly likely this could be occurring more than we think.

One thing is for sure though: if I find out that there is actually Rebel Yell in the Jack Daniels BBQ, I’m going to throw a shit fit!


A Shot and Two Beers

October 3, 2012

Sticking with the music and booze theme, this was my drink of choice the other night at the Jack White show at Radio City. After what sounded like a bizarre and frustrating Saturday night, Jack put on an absurdly energetic set that had the majority of the theatre on their feet for it’s entirety and this Jack Daniels with a twizzler straw was the perfect accompaniment. Just kidding about the twizzler…sort of…

But this got me thinking. I’ve been to a number of shows since moving to NY and have seen just about every style of venue there is now. Not that I’m some serious music buff (take it easy music nerds), but it just so happens that this city makes it pretty easy to find yourself listening to music. But what to drink at a show, or maybe more importantly, what not to drink at a show is almost as important as the question, “who’s playing?”. (Jeez, that sounded awfully alcoholicy)

In the majority of the more intimate and more established venues in NYC the drink selection comes down to real estate. Whether you are seeing the most popular act in town or the up and comers who haven’t found their sold out audience yet, space is a hot commodity. The last thing you want to do having spent your time staking out a prime spot is to give in to the flailing dancing girls while you go grab another drink. My solution to this problem is simple. The shot and two beer selection gets your over this hurdle no problem.

You’d might think I’d be sipping on bourbon or rye as the evening transpires but I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Because as much as I love myself a glass of whiskey, there is one key issue with this order. I’m not good at pacing. A little singing, a little dancing, and bam, my drink is empty which is not so much the case with a beer. So tip #1: start the night off with a glass of the good stuff or grab a shot of the well stuff before the music begins and then move on to the beer scene.

But not just any beer will do the trick here. As much as we all have grown to love the look and taste of a premium, seasonal, and small batch draft, these shows are rarely the right setting. Music halls tend to over price these selections, they tend not to clean their taps (an unfortunate growing trend throughout the bar scene), and you are way more likely to spill your draft beer when those aforementioned flailing girls smash in to you. Tip #2: stick to something bottled and get two of them (a trick I learned from a good friend Timmy just recently) and you’ve got your real estate and your beverages for the entire length of the show.

Who would have thought you could analyze your drink selection so much, huh? Well now that I’ve got you thinking? What’s your music show drink of choice?


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