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Looking for an Investment Opportunity?

June 7, 2012

Not much time to write today, so I thought I’d share the final, branded and bottled Nobler Orange Bitters! The glass dropper bottle is the perfect vessel and I keep finding excuses to have another Old Fashioned.  So now that I’ve seen the results, I’m gonna get a new batch going at a much larger quantity and between our bitters and our beer (summer brew production begins next week), we are gladly accepting investor inquiries…

Have your people get in touch with ours because well, we’ll probably be out drinking!


New Summer Ale Giveaway!

May 8, 2012

It’s time for the Cow Thieves to get back to work as we get set to create our first summer brew. This last batch of pilsners has been wildly successful and despite a slight issue of over-carbonation in the Garage Pale Pils, leading to a minor explosion of two bottles, there wasn’t much I would have changed about this go around. Particularly not the labels!

So it was perfect timing that the team over at Serious Drinks posted this link on 5 Refreshing Beers for Warm Weather Drinking. Acting as a little inspiration and a source of reference for our upcoming shopping trip, this guide points out a few necessities for our summer style beers. Both the Cow Thieves Pilsner and the Garage Pale Pils are crisp and refreshing but not exactly “light”. They pack a delicious punch making them perfect for a spring night cooking by the grill. Sitting in the summer sun and heat, pounding a few of these guys on the other hand could lead to some interesting/potentially dangerous situations.

I am envisioning us cracking into these new brews as we float in the water digging for clams and avoiding the constable at our annual Southampton extravaganza. You’ll notice, all of our traditions have lavish names and involve a heavy focus on booze. Take note if you suffer from a lack of tradition in your life! But in order to be an effective clammer, a life jacket can not be worn. Whether you “dive and swoop” or prefer to clam as a “toe digger” buoyancy in this case is not your friend. But trust me, I would definitely need a life jacket after a few of the pilsners.

So what should our summer brews taste like? Or what are some of your favorite summer beers that we can try to reference? Leave a comment and you are automatically in the running to win a 6 pack of the Cow Thieves next delicious batch of beer! You normally pay $8-$15 bucks for a six pack…and all I’m asking you to do is contribute…seems fair to me!

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