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The Real American Industry Resurgence

August 8, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posting the last week or so but don’t worry, after this coming weekend, my favorite of every year, I’m sure to be back on the posting wagon. And I should probably get on the other wagon as well after we demolish some Cow Thieves…but more on that later.

Tonight is the first Nobler Gathering in some time as this summer has been a nightmare for scheduling. The “team” is heading over to Kings Co. Distillery for a little tour and tasting and it’s not at all shocking that we are psyched to get back together over some local bourbon. But it was the tweet, or should I say re-tweet by the Kings Co. folks that got me thinking this morning…

And yes, you can follow my Nobler Experimenting here…

The following is a reminder of just how exciting the world of American liquor is right now:

“In 1800, the US had 14,000 (mostly small) distilleries. In 1900: 700. After prohibition: 12. Today: 200.” – @Foodista

Think about that (I didn’t check that it’s 100% accurate but considering it was on Twitter, I didn’t think that was necessary). I’m not a financial analyst, a politician, or a whosamawhatzit, but you have to love this resurgence of American Industry. I’m not entirely sure what the hell 14,000 distilleries were doing in 1800, but as the micro or small batch distillery movement continues, I’m excited to take part in tasting it all!

Check in tomorrow for a Kings Co. post and if we’re lucky, a little wine knowledge by Nobler Adam by weeks end…






The Return of Outdoor Drinking

March 20, 2012

During Prohibition, there was plenty of drinking going on. Sure, it was technically illegal, but as we all know, that didn’t stop the majority. It simply required a change in tactic. Most dramatically, city dwellers found themselves sneaking away to unmarked basement bars and secret meet-ups to imbibe and let loose. It’s a sentiment that has us now, inundated with modern twists on the speakeasy as we all love a little nostalgia. But as fun and exciting as the underground drinking was back then, and as hard as we try to make it cool for modern-day, an afternoon like yesterday’s has me thinking about what those during Prohibition missed out on. For almost 15 years, the winter turned to spring, and the spring into summer, while those that love to drink, were forced to remain indoors.

Now, obviously, this is a bit of an over-exaggeration, as I am sure there were those that found a way, but seriously…think about that for a second…

Is there anything better than outdoor drinking? Whether it’s the “outdoor seating” our favorite NYC spots cram on the sidewalk or the rooftop gatherings full of cold beer and tequila, I live for this time of year. There is a wonderful harmony that develops between raw energy and serious relaxation that can not be rivaled. So as the sun began to set and the temperature cooled just slightly, as if to remind me of how lucky I had been, I couldn’t help but sit back and enjoy this glass of red wine in Madison Square Park like maybe I never have before. Full disclosure: I’m pretty sure the intoxicating perfume of griddled beef had something to do with it as well, but regardless, outdoor drinking season is now officially open for business.

Because I assume you had been waiting for my declaration…

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