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Check out the New and Improved Nobler Experiment

June 17, 2013


As you all know, I’ve been working on a bit of a site re-design and decided to re-launch entirely over at the new Nobler Experiment. I’ll be re-posting and referencing some of the great posts and cocktail recipes from this version as a little trip down blurry memory lane so I hope you’ll come follow and join the experiment here!

Also find us at Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest Nobler News.


Closed for Renovation

June 10, 2013

The Nobler Experiment is growing! And is in need of a little refreshment. So I’ve gone ahead and hired the best web developer on the planet….


He’s great at his craft, but he tends to take quite a few “coffee breaks”. He promises me, the new and improved Nobler will be ready by next week so let’s hope he’s stocked up on coconut waters to hydrate his way to success. I’ll keep you all updated on his progress.

Cheers to the re-launch of the Nobler Experiment coming soon!


Apricot and Star Anise Bitters Giveaway

May 14, 2013


I’ve been itching to try a new batch of bitters for a while now, particularly after how much I loved my first attempt. I really enjoyed the orange bitters I made a number of months back, with only a few complaints on my end. While the bittering agents did their trick, I never felt the “orange” hit home as much as I was hoping. Which is why I went back and forth for some time on what to make next. I wanted to marry flavors that were bright and interesting, but were also something I could see myself (and ultimately you all) using often. Enter some culinary inspiration…

I’ve been finding ways to incorporate star anise into just about anything I cook these days. I love it to add flavor to a simple broth or sauce and it does amazing things in marinades for meat. And nothing balances the vibrant flavor of star anise like a little sweetness and acidity. Now enter the apricot…


These apricot and star anise bitters are friggin’ awesome. So pumped with how these turned out and thrilled to be able to offer the second Nobler bitters giveaway to let you in on all the enjoyment. You know the drill, simply comment, re-post on Facebook, or re-tweet and you are in the running for one of three free bottles. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow! Good Luck!


Canon Logic and the Nobler Experiment

October 1, 2012

Besides being an avid liquor enthusiast, I’ve picked up another hobby as of late, and have become quite the overnight sensation. In fact, my drumming abilities are now widely touted as awe-inspiring… 

Okay, okay. This may be more “shock and horror” that I managed to bruise my thighs so badly that I struggled to get out of bed because I refused to use the drum pad Emily bought for me, but that sounds like semantics…

So luckily for me (since I clearly can’t be trusted with drum sticks) some of my good friends and fellow Noblers actually know how to play instruments and damn well to be honest. The Canon Logic is headlining the Mercury Lounge this Thursday night and I’m bringing the Nobler Experiment along for the ride. Now you’ve got two reasons to attend because nothing goes better with good music than good whiskey. Check back Thursday morning for more details on what to expect from the Nobler but in the mean time, go buy yourself a ticket here. I think the guys will be donating 20% of the profits to finding me a safer hobby…


And the winner is…

August 28, 2012

Mark Alu!

In what seems like one of the most controversial decisions since the infamous 2009 Lights Resolve victory over the Canon Logic, it is true, one of the founding Noblers has indeed won the Cow Thieves Saison prize pack.  But no matter how many of you claim foul, there are two things I know for sure: (1) You can’t argue with the validity of Microsoft Excel’s “randbetween” function” and (2) Mark is one lucky dude. Cause this beer is delicious.

So let this be motivation for you all for the next giveaway. Because they are only getting better from here!


Cow Thieves Giveaway

August 24, 2012

One of the biggest challenges of making small batch home brew is that when it’s good, you really hate to give the stuff away. So instead, I’ve talked up the Cow Thieves brand, had you buy t-shirts, and made you all loyal supporters, in hopes that you might not realize you’ve never tasted the stuff. Now, I know that isn’t completely true for all of you as I’ve carefully chosen times to bring out a bottle or two. You know, just before you were getting ready to leave, or just after we already opened a bottle of wine. It’s sad, sneaky, and true. I love our beers so much, I haven’t been very good at sharing. But that all changes now!

Because in exchange for a little Nobler support (tweet, FB re-post, comment, t-shirt, request, blank check), you can be eligible for the best Nobler giveaway yet: A 4 pack (all special beer should come in 4 packs) of our Summer Saisons perfect to celebrate the remaining days of August! Your opportunity lasts until Sunday night and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning. Have a great weekend!



From Sugars to Booze, We Thank the Yeast

April 10, 2012

Our second batch of Cow Thieves is almost ready to pop and I’m really excited to get into these guys. Just a few more days in the bottle, and they should be fully carbonated and delicious! We sampled a bit of the “pre-bottled” batch and these pilsners came out really exciting. This time around we chose two distinct hop varietals to use for each batch of one common pilsner recipe. This is just one of the seemingly endless variables beer makers can play with to produce all sorts of good stuff. Thinking ahead to the next production, I’m thinking we might look towards the yeast selection as a means to get even deeper. Considering fermentation has been around for all of humanity, it’s pretty ridiculous that it’s been less than 200 years since we’ve been able to fully explain it…

Fermentation is the process in which microorganisms convert simple sugar molecules to carbon dioxide and alcohols. For thousands of years, humanity was experimenting with the production of alcohol without this fundamental knowledge. Because while I may head down to the hipster beer store in Brooklyn and have my choice of hundreds of commercially packaged yeast varieties, fermenting microorganisms also happen to live everywhere. Ancient cultures were most likely pleasantly surprised that their grape juice and honey waters started to bubble and rendered them a bit more tolerant of the day-to-day, but I can only imagine how quickly that curiosity turned into obsession.

With little more than good old trial and error, the proper conditions of temperature and oxygen availability were analyzed as batch after batch of alcoholic beverages were produced. I don’t imagine they were as picky in the early stages but as wine, beer, and booze production became common place, it’s absurdly impressive how far along the industry was at the time fermentation was finally fully defined in the 1850s by Louis Pasteur (seen above).

So why do we even need all those varieties at the hipster beer shop?

It turns out, all micro-organisms are not made alike. This shouldn’t surprise you so much considering we as humans are all so unique and special. But these little guys have all sorts of distinguishing characteristics (most of which sound familiar). From the food they prefer to their ability to create and then subsequently tolerate levels of alcohol, individual strains of fermenting yeast have the ability to really impact the final product. 

Sounds like I’ve got a lot of experimenting ahead of me…

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