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Valentines Day – Beer, Wine, or Whiskey?

February 14, 2013


Here at the Nobler we have some pretty strong opinions. But unlike what has become so typical around the country on Valentines Day, you won’t hear us bash this Hallmark Holiday. Yeah we get it. There are a lot of stupid details surrounding this so called love-fest that make it quite easy to hate on: the ridiculous gift expectations, the inherent competition of who has the best boyfriend, and worst of all, the pre-fixed dinner menus that are disappointing and overpriced all contribute to the growing counter-movement against Valentines Day. But we say screw it. Embrace the day, give a little love to your friends, family, or significant other but no matter what you do, it most certainly should involve some booze.

But what booze to choose? Remember I mentioned those strong opinions

A Nobler Debate: What should you drink on Valentines Day?

(Disclaimer: Adult topics discussed below)

Wine, Defended by Adam – I can’t believe we are even discussing this on the Nobler today…wine is and forever will be the only choice for V-Day. Why? Because wine makes you think of sex, case closed. Seriously, do you ever see characters in a movie slugging beer or whiskey and then doing the deed?  No. Why?  Because beer makes you feel fat, and whiskey can give people performance issues…Wine on the other hand makes you feel sexy. On V-Day, give me a glass of champagne any day, and lets head to the bedroom.

Beer, Defended by Mark – Ok, so it’d be a little absurd to try to claim that there’s a beverage out there that’s more romantic than wine, but that doesn’t mean a case can’t be made for beer on Valentine’s Day. And the crux of that case is this: Its goddamned cold on February 14th.  When it comes to Humans v. The Elements, for thousands of years our ace in the hole has been hearth and home. Meat sizzling on a roaring fire, animal skins and piled blankets, and a tall, belly-warming, vitamin-rich, life-sustaining flagon of ale.  Add to these the most primal of all human activities and I’d say you’re doing it right.  Save the wine and whiskey for the spring thaw.  For now let’s get warm, full, and naked.  

Whiskey, Defended by Ricky – Mark makes a convincing argument but my animal skins are at the dry cleaner. As for Adam, I’m not so sure what “performance issues” he is alluding to, but that’s for another conversation. And yeah, I get it: wine is romantic, sensual, etc. But it’s also a bit of a sleeping aid. So sure, share some wine and head to the bedroom… for a wonderful night of sleep. Not so much with whiskey because with whiskey you have no idea what’s coming. And that’s exactly what the perfect Valentines Day should be like. Make a few strong whiskey sours and I guarantee sparks will fly. Maybe those sparks are in the form of some whiskey rage, but hey, at least you can you say your night was exciting.

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