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Bringing Back the Spritzer

June 3, 2013


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Last night we celebrated a wonderful weekend with a bottle of this sparkling Rosé. The bottle was 90% Glera (fairly typical grape for Prosecco) and 10% Pinot Noir which is where that fantastic color and flavor profile comes from. It was delicious on it’s own but even better with a little lemon, via some Wine Spritzer inspiration…

That’s right. I’m officially bringing back the spritzer. Actually, maybe it can’t be considered “brought back” if it was never here in the first place. But you’ll remember last year I gave away my little secret and now I’m here to tell you definitively, that despite the fact that you almost certainly think of your grandmother when you think of spritzers, you are seriously missing out on some damn good summer drinking if you ignore the possibilities.

Here’s the thing: I’m not telling you to abandon all other alternatives and only drink seltzerfied (should be a word) wine. I’m just telling you the concept of the spritzer is basic and open to a world of manipulation. Maybe we just need a new name for it? Any ideas (fill out the form below to be eligible for this week’s giveaway)…

I’ve been working on a few basic recipes to share (I plan on posting next week with a few other summer-centric drinking details) but in the mean time, the idea is simple. I’d actually suggest you grab a bottle of solid rosé and start there. The slightly more complex wine holds up to the splash of seltzer fantastically and makes for a perfect mid-day cocktail. And I say cocktail, because that’s where the fun can begin. You know all of those simple syrups you’ve been making? Infusing herbs, spices, and more? These are great for wine based drinks as well; perfect for the ultimate refresher from the summer heat.


My Big Secret

August 1, 2012

Look, I’m just going to put this out there and you guys can decide what to do with it. It’s not often you find such candor on the interwebs so I’m willing to deal with whatever repercussions seem reasonable. It’s taken me a few days to muster up the courage to share this, but no more babbling….here it goes…

I really enjoy a white wine spritzer.

Phew, that felt good. Been needing to get that off my chest for sometime now and I know that I can trust you guys. Don’t spread this around too much, okay? And definitely don’t tell Adam about it

But seriously. I’m not kidding. For a solid two weeks I had this ridiculous craving for the aforementioned spritzer. And the funny thing is, I don’t think I had ever even had one. But there was something about the seemingly refreshing quality of the drink and the sort of silliness that had me intrigued. As it turns out, I see the spritzer becoming a part of my repertoire quite a bit now that I’ve started my descent down the rabbit hole. Since I was already working on that peach infused gin, we through a few slices of peaches in our big fancy glasses filled with ice, white wine (we actually used Rose), and seltzer. A little lemon to finish it off and we were good to go. It’s actually the perfect day/afternoon drinking cocktail because you don’t end up getting hammered by 4 pm. Instead, you sit back, chat about the soaps, and, oh crap…someone pour me a whiskey…quick!

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